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November 21, 2009

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In this October Issue

October 19, 2009

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Yes, You Can Fight The Tuna Farm

October 17, 2009

The organization No A las Granjas Atuneras was given the green light from the Muni of Golfito to hold a district-wide referendum about the tuna farm.

This blessing is necessary, but it does not provide the money nor the mechanism for conducting a referendum.

The referendum can be conducted 6 months after the 2010 elections (September 2010 + 6 months = March 2011). At this referendum, all citizens of the Pavon district are invited to vote “For” or “Against” the tuna farm.
All of the logistical, legal and communications expenses of the referendum are borne by the groups fighting against the Tuna Farm. The developers of the tuna farm can engage in their own “For Tuna Farms” campaign, but they do not have to bear the costs of the referendum. These costs are estimated to be up to $15,000.
Golfito gave the community official bureaucratic permission to engage in a long and expensive struggle, to which many people are committed.

While mayor Jimmy Cubillo and candidate Eric Mora have said they are against the tuna farm, we are waiting for them to take concrete action. Only No A Las Granjas Atuneras and Pretoma are fighting the good fight. Donde estan los cojones en Golfito?

To contribute to the fight against the tuna farms, click

Drought Predicted to Extend into 2010

October 15, 2009

Unless it rains for thirty days and thirty nights, whatever rain we get between now and the beginning of December will not be enough to keep wells filled from December to June, 2010.

Aguas y Alcantarillas (the water utility) is saying it will be difficult to maintain normal water flows; they may ration water in the first months of 2010 in metropolitan San Jose. AyA blames current El Nino conditions and consumer waste. They predict this drought is worse than that of 1997-1998.

Of course, if we get moderate rains in December and January, we should be alright. But for now, corn and bean crops are failing, and cattle ranchers are considering culling herds ahead of the driest months of January, February and March.

People connected to the public aqueduct in Pavones know that the system is already stretched to capacity. The only viable solutions are to dig a deeper well or build a rainwater collection system.

Do it yourself, or employ local workers, but don’t wait:

  • Dave Ravimicus know several men that could use work right now, and Dave is a retired drainage expert that will make sure your well or cistern is built to high standards. Email Dave at
  • Kim Fioriglio will also employ local workers for your well or cistern system; contact him at

Photo Essay, "On The Bus"

October 15, 2009

by Barry Donaldson. Enjoy.

Manhattan Girls Love Tarzappa

October 14, 2009

The Monkey Man of Cuervito,
William Patterson, has launched Tarzappa.

Let a life long nature lover and monkey expert show you wild Costa Rica.

“My business will be built on referrals from happy clients. I look forward to introducing you to the wonderful people and animals of this truly unique place,” said William.

A visit to is a fun 5 minute vacation.

Walk on the beach with Andy

October 13, 2009

Andy Bystrom’s 7 minute film makes it easy to understand the problem posed by the Tuna Farms.

Footage of baby turtles being released, the beach waterfall, and a simple explanation of currents in the area.

Every $10 or $20 helps. Click here to contribute. The Pavon-district referendum will cost up to $15,000, and Pretoma is building a war chest.